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Armor with shoulder break edge, Nuremberg around 1570 - Object No. 7041


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From my offer II 2021

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our worldwide contacts to collectors and collections together with our ever-present and changing inventory of original, early weapons makes us one of the largest exhibitors of European historical weaponry for decades. On view we have high-class museum pieces previously owned by nobility as well as simple military or hunting weapons. The collection also includes exceptional works of art, both paintings and handicraft, ranging from the Gothic to the Baroque period.

Our collection includes protective equipment such as body armour, chain mail shirts, helmets, shields and edge weapons such as swords, rapiers, sabres, daggers and hunting weapons. Among the polearms we have halberds, spontoons, pikes, spetums, glaives, partizans, maces, war hammer and battle axes. The firearms includes a large choice of military and hunting pieces: matchlock muskets, various  wheellock and flintlock firearms incl. both wheellock and flintlock pistols as well as accompanying equipment and accessories like powderhorns, bandoliers and musket rests.

A small selection of historical weapons may be found on our Internet website under the heading “objects for sale” or in our biannual catalogues. The whole collection can be viewed, and of course purchased, here at Castle Honhardt. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. As an official, publicly sworn expert for European historical weapons, I can guarantee you a fair and respectable business deal.

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